The Wake UP! Memorial

The 7 Memorials for Humanity

The 7 Memorials for Humanity
are a worldwide unique project complex of 7 artistic memorial projects realized by Agricola de Cologne between 2000 and 2020 in an exchange between virtual and physical space.
While the memorial sites are located in the Internet permanently, there are temporary physical lacations, as well, via manifestations in physical space complemented by interventions like screenings, lectures, a symposium, artists meeting and much more.

Commememorating is understood not only as a reflective, but also an artistic and socially networked process.
Agricola de Cologne is acting as a media artist und curator alike.

The commeorative contexts are based on extended audio-visual collections.


The Refugee! Memorial
featuring The Refugee Film Collection


Hiroshima//Fukushima Memorial
featuring “Never More! Horoshima-Fukushima Film Collection


dilight Memorial
featuring The Shoah Film Collection


The Sonic Memorial
featuring the soundart projects
soundCollective & soundMIGRATION


iTERROR Memorial
Memorial for the Victims of Terror // Paris, 13 November 2015 // The 9/11 Memorial // Violence Online Festival


Wake Up! Memorial
// The Aids Memorial // The Rainforest Memorial // The Tsunami Memorial // (self)-portrait-artists for PEACE // self~imaging – artists against Populism & Intolerance // Wake Up! Climate Change!

The Never More! Memorial
The Cambodia 1975-1979 Memorial // The Argentina Memorial // The d/i/light Memorial //