Joke Offringa & Maria Jeronimus

We are an artistic duo for over ten years with a special focus in the field of film. We won with our short audio-visual art expressions, various awards. Our film “Uxe” was rated with three stars at the ‘Britisch International Amateur Film Festival’. WildFilm was audience award winner at the ‘Bicycle Film Festival 2015’. In the summer of 2015 we also made a short art-film for the ‘International Four day March Festival Nijmegen’ commissioned by Dziga. In 2016 we had the premiere of the WildFiets. Our festivalproject WildFiets, is shown at Fete de la foret, at the Mandala festival 2016 and at Straat en theaterfestival Onderstroom Vlissingen.

Our art is embarking on the border of your comfort zone and mirrors your own discomfort. Your paradigm determines how you experience the artwork. When will your own interpretation discomfort you? Can you trust your own perception and do you have the courage to see beyond the prevailing conventions?

Work / video

title : Forbidden Love, 2015, 3’00
This audio-visual self-image is struggling with the limited space there is for being different. Everyone is familiar with the term ‘prohibited love’. Often the environment doesn’t understand the love and is against the relationship. Of course there are more scenarios that love might be undesirable.
Instead of accepting, it is contested. What would happen if there was complete acceptance for the extraordinary. This power of breaking conventions is perhaps the most essential tool in this time, in this world.


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